Best Embroidered Abaya Designs

Best Embroidered Abaya Designs For Muslim Women 2016/17

All the Muslim ladies should cover their bodies according to the teachings of Islam and prophet sayings. It is the best collection of Best Embroidered Abaya Designs to fulfill the condition of covering body. These  embroidered abaya designs 2016-17 are the perfect choice for modern women. You should feel so comfortable while going outside. Abaya is a type of gown in Islam  which can cover your body from top to bottom. Different cities and provinces of Pakistan have different and unique styles of gowns and abayas. Actually it has become a fashion of today which is increasing rapidly among young girls and ladies. Arab women always wear gowns before going markets, offices and other places out side from their house.

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Long  type of gowns have also become the point of concentration among  all the fashion designers. They are introducing mind blowing excellent  Burkha variety and giving them equal importance as other dresses for womens. Being a Muslim lady, she should not wear abaya in sense of fashion. But she is enjoying latest styles of embroidery by considering it as fashion. We need to know the real purpose of wearing it in islam. Here you will find gorgeous net gowns embellished with laces and buttons on new Abaya Designs. Famous experts are also struggling in making new designs of abayas for ladies who want to wear them at any cost.


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On head it is like a cap having net in front of eyes. On the other hand the women of Karachi and Lahore wear long fancy gowns having different designs. Every woman should consider it as her need and safety purpose. Black is the major color of this dress but now many other colors like brown, grey, green, purple etc are used in abayas but these colors are very less as compare to black.

Best Embroidered Abaya Designs

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