Gucci Resort Collection 2017

gucci fashion show 2016

In the church the traditional place of  for British certainly bears the weight of  fashion history, Michele didn’t let interface with the Gucci fashion show London.


gucci fashion show london

Instead of all , he took a freewheeling approach to the country’s fashion legacy  ladies and even Stafford shire dog figurines into his retro-tinged fashion universe in Gucci fashion show London.

The choral  including a haunting version of the traditional English ballad only amplified the show’s emotional tug. Inspired by the English penchant for decoration finally Michele let his colorful, more-is-more impulse run full throttle.

gucci fashion show london


Nineties runway stars Erin, Wheeler and Chancellor strolled under the covered stone passages in their Gucci gucci, their colours as bright as detergent packaging and the styling as unique as Shore ditch on a Sunday  night.

I really love the English and it’s something that belongs to my language, he said backstage. English culture is in a way very close to my own beautiful choice.

Gucci Resort Collection for Fashion

He acknowledged that he thought he was dreaming when he considered Westminster Abbey as the venue.

It’s crazy because I think only in London can a church say ‘yes’ to a fashion show. I was thinking of a place that represents the spirit and the powerful beauty.


The collection nimbly pinged between boutiques  Forties-style polka-dot gown one minute, bleach-splattered jeans and logo T-shirts.

I mean look at this place unfortunately , pointing to an image of Elizabeth I in one of the great

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