Today’s clothing is the men’s trend winter in men fashion for this season 2016.

The trend entails detail for the fashion savvy men out there.

Yes you can make a go hit this season and make yourselves stand out than the rest the men fashion. Here is what your were.


men fashion

The comeback of velvet trousers and jackets are challenge for this season. Try the velvet touch out and become a prominent style carrier for yourself.


Become a bit  break the ties with normal colours and go for burgundy this season. Play with the high necks, jackets and even pants with this whole dresses. Burgundy might sound like an adventure for the men fashion but the nice look and the correct choices to the garment will appear as an instant hit in men’s fashions.

Baggy Trouser for mens

men fashion

Yes, Baggy trousers are a go-go-hit for the whole season. Try these trouser  must have for men’s fashion this winters season 2016.

Oversized coats

men fashion

Do you want to  that very very manly yet very very sexy and smart appearance? Well, here is your catch, the double layered, cashmere coats. Yes a must have for the men’s fashion this fall or winter.


A must have ever green product to put in your wardrobe; you’re definitely making a call out to. This is a must have men’s fashion piece for this reason.

Roll Neck


What a comeback of the nineties come back style of Nike. A  must have for the season is the roll neck or you may say high neck for the whole  season. They surely look superb  chic and eyes all that cool


men fashion

Brown is your colour season. you can now Grab a lot of brown coats, jackets, pants scarves and what ever can you put your hand ever on it.

So  this is your guide line to fashion week  this winter season.  This is surely your best friend the selection of the season’s .

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