Mens Coat Styles

Mens Coat Styles

Mens Coat Styles article was written because Winter is, on most counts, rubbish. But everything rubbish about it  the cold, the dark  presents one big bonus for us. The right coat is an outfit in itself on a body, a piece that combines practicality and style like nothing else in your fashion. They’re also fairly impervious to trends. This  means even an infrequent shopper can stealthily build a high-quality collection over a few years. If, that is, you right shoping.

The Trench Coat

The trench’s coats origins are as murky as the weather it’s designed for it. First it was  claimed by Aquascutum in the 1850A.D, reinvented the style in 1901 as the army officer’s raincoat and its legend was forged in Belgium’s trenches. But it’s made its mark on civvy street too. From Dick Tracy’s canary yellow   Freeman’s outerwear as Detective Lt. William Somerset, the trench coat is the tell-tale uniform of the private eyes.

Mens Coat Styles


The Lightweight Raincoat

Like the previous style of the coats, the light weight raincoat is  autumn season  wardrobe essential; the pack-away shell can be easily stored in your smart bag, ready to be withdrawn in rainy  weather.

Over Coat


But let the Mens Coat Styles make the  statement tht With oversized versions  one of the key trends for  I  advise wearing it with a  outfit. A fine knit sweater and slim jeans and tea shirt, for instance. This way it accentuates the jacket’s proportions without the full outfit engulfing you.

From modern  to classic Mens Coat Styles  , the overcoat is a new season highlight at brands like Alexander McQueen, Raey, A.P.C and Burberry, in a multitude of styles. “A good overcoat should be able to be dressed up as easily as it can be dressed down for you.But let the coat make the only statement