New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week  for mens.

In this season, New York Fashion Week:  Men’s are working to find its footing in the fashion calendar.

 At the  runway, activist Hannah Stoudemire’s Black Lives Matter protest got the industry talking about issues of  politics, which carried into collections in  a small ways, like Cadet’s.

Here, we recap the highlights of this short week.

An Army Officer’s Fashion Week Debut

New York Fashion WeekJulian Wood house of Wood House isn’t your typical fashion designer. The 25-year old is a first lieutenant in the U.S. Army who stockpiled vacation days or the army equivalent of those.To present a collection inspired by South Korean fashion at New York Fashion Week: Men’s.

A Black Lives Matter Protest

Headlines From New York Fashion Week
What happened on the runways and in the front rows of New York Fashion Week: Men’s was overshadowed by a Black Lives Matter protest organized by Lanvin sales employee Hannah Stoudemire. The fashion world activist set her sights on the industry after seeing an outpouring of responses to the tragedies in Orlando and Paris while her coworkers and some industry figures remained mum on the movement. As the week went on, her involvement with the industry evolved: As of today, she’s met with Steven Kolb; the CFDA Instagram account has regrammed a photo of her protest. and Maxwell Osborne wrote an open letter to the fashion industry addressing activism and the way fashion needs to respond to the black live matters movement.

An Olympic Fencer at New York Fashion Week


Memorize the name of Miles Charley-Watson now . The well-dressed gent is an Olympic fencer who walked in Rochambeau’s show this season, Public School’s last. and will appear at the Rio Olympics this summer on the U.S fencing team. Consider him a man that can did this  both.