Super-Easy Nail Art Ideas

1. Loofah Lattice

Nail Art Ideas was very  important in today life of the womens for party nand all other events .The fabric that makes up a loofah is the perfect stencil to use for a fishnet-style two-tone look. Simple paint your nails one color white nails and let them dry, and then hold a piece of the loofah over your nails as you paint over them again with another your nails are looks very nice.

Nail Art Ideas

2.Striking Lightning white nails

To really make a statement with Nail Art Ideas, paint your nails black and then lightly sponge on some purple, white blue, and white accents to create the look of a night sky. Then, use a very thin dotting tool or micro-tipped pen to paint on white

Nail Art Ideas

3.Tape It

Get creative with how you use your tape on your nails. Cut the strips into intricate patterns and stick them onto your nails after the base coat has dried, then apply the top coat for a worry-free amazing design.


4.Look Sharpie

Not everything you put on your nails has to be Nail Art Ideas ! Sharpies are an easy way to add very precise designs, and they come in a bunch of great colors!


5.Just Swatch Me

In the view of a fashion designer  minde, this cuti  look lets everyone know exactly what colors you are wearing. The writing is made with a thin Sharp marker.


6.DIY Matte

You can make by your self matti  nail polish simply by mixing your nail polish with some eye shadow! Experiment with color combinations until you find the perfect shade.

7.Creative Crescent

You can easily make a product  shape by using reinforcement stickers. Stick them your fingers so that just the top portion covers the base of your nail, and paint away.

Nail Art Ideas

What could be easier than just throwing the paint on your nails haphazardly? Get your base coat on, and then cover the area around your nails with tape. Now, use straws to splatter different colors of paint onto