Top Most Expensive Clothing Brands

Top Most Expensive Clothing Brands.

Top Most Expensive Clothing Brands and overall quality made famous Italian brands stand on first

1. Gucci



Top Most Expensive Clothing Brands and overall quality made this famous Italian brand to stand on No. 1. This brand is probably the most expensive in the world and they design items for men and women also. Their product include ties, handbags, skirts, shoes and luggage’s. These brand name items are always luxurious and stylish in all over the world. It has many rivals but yet it has not been dismissed from the top ten lists.


2. Chanel


Top Most Expensive Clothing Brands

Chanel is considered to be one of those brands that are gaining a huge demand every where. This is a brand that is often favored by the famous and the rich peoples. The stylish and rich designs attract you to choose between great verities. The uniqueness of the embroidery brands lies in the fact that this brand does not copy other brands and thus maintains its own existence in the market.

3. Prada

If you are willing to make a change in your life then it is the best choice for you. The trendy clothes of this Italian brand attract a large number of young fashion lover. It is known for having outlets around the world and so are often more accessible than some of the other top brands. Its products are the most expensive clothing products in the world. Renowned for its designs being simple, distinguished and comfortable. It also maintains a good name in the perfumes market in perfume market.

4. Armani

Top Most Expensive Clothing Brands

Armani is not only the most expensive clothing brand, but it is also most popular brand across the world. There are very few brand which are coming with a range and this brand has a huge pricing  range. Starting from perfumes and ending on the clothing. It is the old name in the cloth manufacturing particularly jeans and T shirts and every type of clothes. The clothes designs are further recommended by the authorized fashion designers and boutique shops. It is the only brand that has been extensively sold out throughout the world and earned huge name. where there is great seasonal variation, the Armani cloths are best to adopt in those seasons.

5. Marc Jacobs


luxurious designs and exclusive sales are some of the  other features of this brand. Long known for its fashionable clothing it is now concentrating mainly on Jewelry, handbags and shoes, but it also provides ranges of outer wear for the various seasons. The main advantage is the overall success of the brand is in clothing designs.

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