What to Wear in Paris

What to Wear in Paris

 What to Wear in Paris.  The French were the first to make an industry out of fashion Paris is a large  city and you’ll see that people on the street wearing all ranges of clothing – from men in power suits, women who have mastered the art of walking  in short skirts and stilettos, to both sexes wearing jeans and cowboy boots.Today, along with London, New York and Milan, Paris is considered one of the fashion capitals of the world.now most of the world had even realized what fashion was.

What to Wear in Paris



Paris is synonymous with fashion.Even if you are fashion-oriented, pack your most comfortable clothes from your home. However, if you’d like your appearance to not scream  that” I am an American Tourist”, follow these classic  tips which are listed below.


Leave Leisure Wear at Home

Leave your hoodies and matching sweatpants, white tennis shoes, shorts and bright colored nylon windbreakers, T shirts at home. The comfortable clothes that suburban American women live-in, are not seen on Parisians outside of their homes.

Make a Statement with Accessories and Scarves


 Bring basics that travel well and that you can mix and match witch each other. Dress up your outfits with accessories  like – necklaces, earrings and scarves. Scarves are ubiquitous in Paris – Parisian women know they are a quick and easy way to pull an outfit together.

Wear Comfortable Shoes Not White Tennis Shoes

– Paris is a city that is made for walking and you’ll be on your feet more than you can imagine this.

The trendy of  flat “puma” like tennis shoes on young Parisians, but if you want to blend in, leave at home your white/tennis running shoes. We know that these shoes are  very comfortable and built for mileage, but white tennis shoes  are the tell tale sign of “American Tourist”.

Jeans are OK


we never see anyone in Paris 10 years ago wearing jeans with tea shirt. Today, denim is a growing Paris trend and now  Jeans are everywhere used in paris.

upscale restaurants have even lessened their dress codes to admit designer jean clad customers.

you’ll be on your feet more than you can imagine this keep this statement in your mind .

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